Tuesday Newsday: Welcome to Wedding Tuesday!

June means weddings! And who doesn’t love a good wedding?! We thought this week we would highlight some of our favorite family weddings (we don’t care about other family weddings).

First wedding….William Livingston & Susanna French Livingston – March 3, 1747.  Their courtship started as any proper colonial courtship should be. The definition of a proper colonial courtship is 3 years before marriage….but someone got a little excited and knocked the other one up. Hence, ending their courtship early and starting a marriage.  They remained married and totally in love until William’s death in 1790.

Moving on to his daughter….Sarah Livingston Jay & John Jay – April 28, 1774.  This wedding is significant because it helps us confirm when construction on Liberty Hall was completed.  Sarah & John got married inside Liberty Hall in the Great Hall.  Can you imagine the bridezilla she would have been if Liberty Hall was not done?!


Colonel John Kean & Lucy Halsted Kean – January 13, 1847.  We don’t know anything about this wedding but thought it would be fun to include since its one of our favorites because of Lucy’s wedding attire. Take a look for yourself; here’s a portrait of Lucy:Lucinetta (Lucy) Halsted Kean


Christine Kean Griffin & Captain William Preston Griffin – February 9, 1849.  What’s great about their wedding is that two days later, they left from Boston for a 9 month honeymoon around Europe!  A) Who has that kind of time? B) Who has that kind of money?? C) Where do we find a man like that?  A few years ago, relatives of Christine donated her wedding dress (which had been worn by 4 other family members since 1849!) back to Liberty Hall.

Christine Kean Roosevelt & William Emlen Roosevelt – October 4, 1883. All we know about their wedding is that it ended up pouring rain and had to get moved inside Liberty Hall.  Can you imagine having over 300 guests inside your home?? Oh and William is President Teddy’s cousin…#winning!


Captain John Kean & Mary Alice Barney Kean – January 20, 1925.  Their wedding was at a church in New York in the middle of blizzard followed by a honeymoon night at Ursino (Liberty Hall).  They left 4 days later on a 4 month honeymoon through the United States.

MABK Wedding, January 20, 1025

Just a reminder, there are many other family weddings, but these are just our favorites! The Kean family wedding tradition continues on with another family wedding taking place this year at Liberty Hall! How exciting!



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