#MCM….with the Kean’s!

#MCM (that’s man crush monday for you non hipsters)….You’re welcome!


These are our most handsome Keans ranked from least dreamy to most dreamy…


 18xx=xx-xx-Photo-John Kean [JK1814] 0102

8. Colonel John Kean (b.1814) He’s got a bad case of the crazy eyes…which he did eventually outgrown (thank god!)

18xx=xx-xx-Photo-Hamilton Fish Kean  HFK1862 No 05 0101

7. Hamilton Fish Kean (b. 1862) Taken at the Vanderbilt’s costume ball….Imagine this as your Match.com profile picture! hahahahahaha.

Photo - No Date - Julian Halsted Kean  No 05

6. Julian Halsted Kean (b. 1854) Another winning profile shot! Though he might rank higher than his brother (Hamilton), he did remain a bachelor all his life.

No Date - Photo - Alexander Livingston Kean 0101

5. Alexander Livingston Kean (b. 1866) Nerd alert! Nerd alert! Nerd alert! But let’s be honest, most historians find that attractive.

  18xx=xx-xx-Photo-John Kean  JK1852 No 01 0101

4. Senator John Kean (b.1852) We “mustache” a question…do you love him as much as we do??

19xx=xx-xx-Photo-RWK No 03 0101

3. Robert Winthrop Kean (b. 1893) Who doesn’t love an athlete??

 Monday, May 08, 2006 (3)

2. John Kean Sr (b. 1929)  Who doesn’t love a man in uniform?? Women on tour swoon over this picture all the time! Can you blame them though?


1. Captain John Kean (b. 1888) Major SWOON! (does this not remind you of an A & F ad??)


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