IKEA equals: I Know Everything About…exhibit prep

IKEA = I Know Everything About…exhibit prep (yeahhh right!) The 3 musketeers of exhibit work at Liberty Hall Museum recently went on a trip to the wonderful store IKEA to start purchasing items for our upcoming exhibit, previously mentioned in past posts.  IKEA is a fantastic store and a hot mess all at the time same!


With two months to go before the exhibit opens, it’s starting to become crunch time!  The 3 musketeers consist of the following:

Person A: the head lady in charge who has a million and one thoughts/conversations in her head and needs others to help pick train a of thought for her (basically, shes the one that says what we should write for the blog and I’m the one that says nah lets not.)

Person B: (me!) who is a very go with the flow person and wants to get things done in a timely manner (chop chop!)

Person C: an extremely creative person who’s very particular on picking out the best items for the exhibit.

Which makes shopping in general a hot mess but then multiply that by being in IKEA….OH MAN!

Besides purchasing shelves, we had very little thought process in any other items we might want/need.  So we took the path of least resistance and started in the bedding section and just followed the arrows….

IMG_2517 IMG_2516 (person C:lots of deciding!)

IMG_2514rac(person A: lots of thinking!)

We were doing okay, we found some things we liked and then we took the long road to actually finding the items in the warehouse.  The long road consists of…Do we need this? I I don’t think we need this? How many do we need? Maybe we do need this? Didn’t we discuss this once? Oh I like that! Weren’t we going to do that in that room? SO. MANY. THOUGHTS!


It was during this time, that person B wandered away to escape on her phone:


We eventually made it to the warehouse and proceeded to get the smallest shopping cart on the planet for the LARGEST items….


The highlight of our shopping experience were the fun pictures we took (now you know what we look like!) AND the 50 cent hot dogs! We had a successful outing to IKEA, but it turns out that the shelves that we argued over for 5 minutes, we do in fact need and now have to go back! womp womp. (but we do get hot dogs again! winning!)

We can’t wait to start assembling our shelves and start thinking half way through (when we see the extra pieces) DID WE DO THIS RIGHT?!?! Stay tune to find out if we did!


***PS: Person A face-timed from her vacation to help with this weeks blog post because she is just that awesome!


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