#WCW…with the Kean’s!

The guest blogger this week in honor of #WCW (again, for you non hipster that’s Women Crush Wednesday) is Dan Conroy…Ginger #2 at Liberty Hall! The ladies had their fun for #MCM so it’s only fair that the men have theirs too!


That’s right, all you history nerds out there in the blogiverse! It’s time to give the women of Liberty Hall credit where credit is due! You know them, you love them, you’ve most likely seen their faces time and time again in the mansion (and if you haven’t been to Liberty Hall yet, would you mind explaining why you follow this blog?).  Regardless, turn on some soft jazz Pandora and close out your other browser tabs, because its time to count down 8 of the loveliest, liveliest, most lauded ladies who lived, laughed, and lurked at Liberty Hall!

Photo - No Date - Mrs W Emlen (C G Kean) Roosevelt

8. Christine Griffin Kean Roosevelt (b. 1858) –  A middle child who was well read and had an impressive penguin collection, any man, even a Roosevelt would wanna get up in her petticoat (and one did!)

Photo - No Date - Caroline Morris Kean - Mrs G L Rives

7. Caroline Kean Rives (b. 1849) – The beauty out of her 8 siblings, Caroline partied way to hard to be tied down by any man for too long….because she died! dun dun dun!

18xx=xx-xx-Photo-LP(H)K No 01 0101

6. Lucy Halsted Kean (b. 1826) – She wrote & spoke in French fluently….every guy loves a lady who’s bilingual…ooh la la!

 18xx=xx-xx-Photo-SLK No 03 0101

5. Susan Livingston Kean (b. 1852)-  6 Feet tall and big boned…you should see her undergarments!

1902=xx-xx-NP-Photo-Elizabeth d'Hauteville Kean 0101

4. Elizabeth d’Hauteville Kean (b. 1864) – Blondes have more fun, and with the amount of traveling this one did, you can bet this was one Kean worth keeping up with!

1902=xx-xx-Photo-LHK No 01 0101

3. Lucy Kean (b. 1859) – Known for a quick temper and constant scoldings, but with with eyes like that, you’ll be too mesmerized to care!

19xx=xx-xx-NP-Photo-Mary Alice (Barney) Kean No 04 0101

2. Mary Alice Barney Kean (b. 1902) – If you think this is good, imagine her in the roaring 20’s as a flapper! That’s enough moxie to make F. Scott Fitzgerald swoon!


1. May Kean Raynolds (b. 1927) – Between being a world traveler and an American Bison herder (yeah, you read that right), if she was a President, she would be Babe Lincoln! 

waynes world


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