#FBF…School Days with the Kean’s!

Now that most of America has completed their first week of school, we at Liberty Hall thought we would share the schooling of the Kean’s and a fun story (if we know one).


Peter Kean – Princeton University: class of 1807.  He spoke fluent French and was appointed to escort Lafayette through New Jersey on his return visit to the U.S. in 1824.

Colonel John Kean – Princeton University: class of 1834.

Senator John Kean – Yale University (didn’t graduate but later received an honorary M.A); Columbia Law School: class of 1875.

Julian Kean – Yale University: class of 1876.  Leipseg University, Germany (post-grad course 1877-1878), how fancy!  Columbia Law School: class of 1880.  He played baseball on the Yale team!

Alexander Livingston Kean: M.I.T: class of (not sure).  All we know is that he studied the Bermudian Lilly.

Captain John Kean: St. Marks School class of 1907. Harvard University: class of 1911; Harvard Law School: class of 1913.  He played football at Harvard.  Here’s his football photo.  You can swoon over it, it’s okay.  We did! (hence #1 on our MCM post).

Thursday, April 09, 2009 (2)

Robert Wintrop Kean: St. Marks School: class of 1911; Harvard University: class of 1915.  He became a congressman for the state of New Jersey (1939-1959). What’s really awesome is that Kean University has his congressional papers and if would you like to access them, visit archives.kean.edu 

May Kean Raynolds: Chapin School: class of (not sure); Smith College: class of 1949.  She’s the first female Kean to attend and graduate college! We have a fun letter in the collection dated January 4, 1946 stating “My daughter, Mary-Alice Kean, has permission to motor with men.  Yours sincerely, Mary Alice Kean.”  How great! She was allowed to motor with boys! For all you non-hipsters, that means she was allowed to go on a date…in a car.  HOW SCANDALOUS! 


Current John Kean: St. Marks School: class of 1948; Harvard University: class of 1953.  Since he is still alive, all of his stories are classified. Sorry ’bout it.


Former Governor Tom Kean: St. Marks School: class of 1953; Princeton University: class of 1957.  Many ask if Tom Kean is originally from New Jersey because he has some “crazy accent.”  He is in fact from New Jersey, he has just for some reason adopted the Massachusetts brogue (when he was in St. Mark’s School) with whatever non accident we New Jerseyans have (because we don’t have an accent!).


Stewart Kean: Brooks School: class of 1952.  University of Virginia. Stewart unfortunately passed away in 2002 so all of his fun college stories passed away with him.

Oh yeah by the way, Kean University is named after the Kean family.

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