Monday Funday…it’s the final countdown!


We must apologize for our lack of blogging over the last few weeks! Here are 3 reasons why we have not blogged and why you are getting a half done blog post:

1. We had a former co-worker’s wedding on the property and that consumed time as we wanted to make sure everything was perfect for her special day.  Let us just say, it was perfect and she looked gorg!


2. One of our bloggers closed on a house! She’s an actual grown up now.  She spent her week painting and moving. and let’s be honest, she’s the brains of this blog post, for realz.


3. We are having a little get together this Thursday called an EXHIBIT OPENING.  So, we have been busy exhibiting.  The exhibit looks amazing and if you are interested in toys, you should stop by the museum starting Monday, October 5 to check out how awesome we are at exhibiting!


Until next week when we’re not busy stressing over all our components, you’ll get a legit blog post! And hopefully it’ll be a good one.  But let’s be honest, our track record is pretty spot on!


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