Tuesday Newsday! This is Halloween!

LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! (…to the 1930s & 40s)…

Click here to time warp!

October at Liberty Hall means one thing and one thing only….HALLOWEEN!  We don’t care about your pumpkin spiced lattes, apple picking (even though we have a wonderful orchard here where you can pick your own apples), pumpkin picking (again, on October 24th we have a fun Pumpkin Patch Day you and the fam can attend), or sweater weather.


Halloween at Liberty Hall is a big deal.  Two of the last kids who grew up at Liberty Hall have October birthdays and their mother, the last matriarch, would throw them Halloween themed birthday parties.  We decorate the first floor of the house using their collection of Halloween decor and costumes from the 1930s and 1940s.   We usually set up the dining room as if the kids are enjoying birthday cake and dress several mannequins in costume. This year, we set the dining room up but decided to scatter our costumed mannequins throughout the first floor as if they are playing a game of hide and seek! Here’s a few pictures of the 1st floor decorated!

IMG_1016 IMG_1015  IMG_1013IMG_1011


Just a fun side note, we now have a lot of Kean birthdays whether they are family or married in.  There must have been something in the water in January! Can you imagine all the birthday presents you’d have to buy?!

liar lair


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