Tuesday Newsday! Ghost busters!

Since it’s Halloween week, we thought we’d get you in the spooky spirit!


Liberty Hall Museum is over 240 years old and bound to have some ghosts lurkingaround.  Many of our staff have encountered what we believe to be the ghosts of Liberty Hall.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Here are their stories….


Dr. Peter Venkman encountered these experiences on 3 separate occasions:

“I’ve had what seemed to be someone pushing the door closed, as I was closing the door to the attic and the Dining Room.”
“I’ve heard a male voice in the house, when I was locking the basement door on the 1st floor, as if they were in the Butlers Pantry. Just murmuring of sorts.”
“I’ve smelled coffee in the doorway to Mrs. Kean’s room.”

Dr. Egon Spengler encountered this experience:

“Dr. Venkman and I were standing in the doorway of the Parlor talking one afternoon when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a gentleman wearing a long black coat standing in the Great Hall. I thought that it was one of the staff dressed in their period clothes. When I turned to Dr. Venkman and asked ‘who is that?’ the person disappeared!”

Dr. Raymond Stantz encountered this experience:

“An unexplained instance was when a former employee and I were moving things with the elevator to the 3rd floor. We decided to ride the elevator up on one of the trips. When we reached the 3rd floor, we opened the carriage accordion, then the 3rd floor access door. Once we opened the door we could hear ghoulish sounds for a lack of a better description. Going against our better judgment and not beating feet out of there, we looked to see where it was coming from. In the little hallway next to the elevator door was an old record player turning with the needle resting on the turntable. There was no record on it, so that’s why it was making the god awful sounds. We could never explain though why it all of sudden started spinning.”

Winston Zeddmore encountered this experience: 

“Just last month, while I was vacuuming the carpet in what we call the Red Room, I saw the reflection of a man in the mirror.  I was afraid to look at him directly, so I kept my eye focused on the mirror while he walked across the room.  I was truly afraid, so I immediately left the room, looking for my sister. I described the man to her.  She showed me a picture of Captain Kean.  He was the man that I had seen in the mirror. This was the most frightening thing that has happened to me in the Museum as I had no idea who this man might be.”

We hope this puts you in the Halloween spirit! We’ll do Ghost Tours again in 2016 if you’re interested in more ghostly encounters at Liberty Hall.



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