Tuesday Newsday: Historical Clothing in full effect!

Four score & seven years ago….Liberty Hall decided their museum educators should be dressed in period clothing on a daily basis.  What period cloths should we wear since we are 240 years old. It was decided that the staff would be dressed in 1900s era clothing as that is when the house was completed to the size it is today (50 rooms!).

Historical clothing is fun but also a daily struggle.  While our 1900s clothing is pretty simple, we do need a total of 5 different eras of clothing for our school programs and special events.  Let’s take a look at some of these struggles…#thestruggleisreal


Colonial – The male staff complains that the colonial britches (pants) have odd button placement; they are short and tight fitting; and difficult to secure.  Men also have to wear garters, to keep their stockings from falling down.  How hilarious! The female staff have quite the struggle too: they have to wear a bum roll under the skirt and the tops close with a million hook and eyes as well as stays to keep our girlish figures (which in real life pokes us in the armpit!)




Civil War – For the most part, male clothing is pretty easy and besides the pant & coat length, a suit is a suit, is a suit. BUTTTT for the ladies, there is a wonderful (insert eye roll here) invention called the hoop skirt! Luckily for us, our hoop skirts are not made out of wood or whale bone as it would have been in the 1860s.  Our hoops are made out of plastic and they bend! Still a pain to wear one but at least we can fit through doorways.

hoop img_7554

Daily struggles – When it rains, our dresses get soaked. No one likes that. Many eras do not have appropriate outer wear sooo many times, we are freezing.  No one likes that either.  We have a room dedicated to the clothing and for us to change.  Keeping that room and closets organized is extremely difficult. So many people, so many hangers, so many messes!


For the most part, we do enjoy dressing up (well, depends on the era) for work.  It’s one less thing to think about in the morning! Side note: we really love the 1920 bathing suits!! So if anyone can think of a reason, why we need them….HOLLLAA! #whitegirlproblems




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