Monday Funday: Happy Veteran’s Day!

With Veteran’s Day being on Wednesday, we thought our blog post this week should be about the many veterans in the Livingston/Kean families.


Those who fought for America’s freedom in the American Revolution (yeah that’s right, they’re the original freedom fighters):

  • Governor William Livingston
  • Henry Brockholst Livingston
  • William Livingston Jr
  • John Lawrence Livingston
    • He was the favorite son of Governor Livingston whose boat was sunk in the Mediterranean Sea and his father searched for him the rest of his life)

War of 1812….the war where the British burnt down the White House

  • Peter Kean
    • He was a major in the New Jersey Blues and his uniform is on display at the museum

World War I…The Great War!

  • John Kean
    • Captain in the 313th machine gun battalion 80th division.
  • Robert Winthrop Kean
    • Lt of the 15th Field Artillery 2nd division of the American Expedition Force
  • John Kean Roosevelt
  • Phillip Roosevelt
    • These two Roosevelt brothers are part of the Kean family as well as cousins to President Teddy Roosevelt.

World War II…

  • Hamilton Fish Kean
    • Served in the Army
  • Robert Winthrop Kean Jr
    • Part of the Army Air core
  • Stewart Barney
    • Served in the Navy
  • David Raynolds
    • Served in the Army

In today’s armed services both men and women serve in the battlefront and would be considered veterans.  However, during the Civil War, many women served in the battlefront as well as battlefield nurses that would not have been considered veterans then.  Once such lady was Christine Kean Griffin who served as a battlefield nurse aboard the hospital ship USS Daniel Webster.


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