Way back Wednesday: Deck the Hall!

…as in Liberty Hall!


Yes, we are in the Christmas spirit and yes, Liberty Hall is decked out to celebrate 50 years of Christmas decorations! This year’s Christmas theme is ironically named Deck the Halls: 50 Years of Christmas Decorations.  


We start our tour in our Victorian Parlor which has been transformed into a 1910s Christmas tea.  Christmas at this time is still a hold over from the elaborate Victorian Christmas tradition of the late 1890s.  The tree continues to be the centerpiece to Christmas and was traditionally still decorated heavily with items found in nature. Our tree is decorated with Edison lights and some fun homemade (but store-bought for Liberty Hall) ornaments and our tree topper is a ribbon bow as traditional star toppers were not yet fashionable.

We continue into our roaring 1920s Christmas in our Great Hall with an open house party. The 1920s bring to mind the age of flapper fashion and jazz music but the years also brought new fashions in art & architecture, from art deco to modernism. The tree is decorated with white lights with black, silver and gold glitter ornaments.  We have a display of candies such as ribbon candy, peppermint sticks and a peppermint pig.  No open house would be complete without a silver punch bowl, gold detailed glassware and a big bottle of champagne!

Our Dining Room is set for a 1930s Christmas Luncheon.  The 1930s were a time of great hardships for many people, as the Great Depression took hold of the United States.  Our Christmas decor is simple, the tree is decorated with colored lights which were now fashionable!  We also have family heirloom ornaments hanging from the tree.  Another fun detail is our paper chains which add to the decor and would have been made by children to save money.  Fun Fact alert! Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was published in 1939!

Our World War II Christmas is in the Butlers Pantry  set up for Christmas Morning.  World War II defined the first half of the 1940s, associated with images of Rosie the Riveter, propaganda posters, war bonds, rationing, and victory gardens.  All these were part of every day life for the American family, including the Kean’s.  Our tree is decorated with traditional colored lights as well as classic Christmas ball ornaments.  We also have the Kean family stockings hanging from the mantel.

Our last room is set up as a  fabulous 1950s cocktail party! Post-war Americans staged sumptuous Christmases and enjoyed a variety of holiday foods unknown to previous generations, for example, Chex Mix! Our tree is white, yep! It is decorated with again family heirloom ornaments and the horrible invention called tinsel.  There is fun “liquor” on display such as whiskey and gin, which pairs nicely with our fake pigs in a blanket!


So that is how we do our Christmas! Please come and take the tour to get the full effect! See you next week…


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