#MCM…Herrrrre’s Johnny!

Our #MCM for this unseasonably warm Monday in December is Johnny Kean the Elf! Last year we decided to jump on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon and purchased our very own Elf. Like every other Kean, we named him John….because we’re not creative.

We move Johnny every day throughout the Christmas display.  If a visitor should spot him while on tour, they get a prize! Unfortunately, because we are a museum, we cannot make our Elf do fun things like poop out Hershey kisses or roast marshmallows over an open flame. lame.

But here are some of elf poses we can do!


Just oiling my 1923 Ford Model T delivery truck…


Riding my wooden tricycle


I ❤ Butler’s desks & mints! Best of both worlds!


I love the smell of pine in the morning..


Hope they don’t pour hot tea on me!


A good spot for hide & go seek!


My hot date!

Reminder that our Christmas Tours run through December 30, 2015 every Monday – Saturday.  Come see if you can find me!


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