Tuesday Newsday: New Years Resolution!

With the new year comes resolutions for a better year.  Most resolutions focus on losing weight, checking items off of a bucket list and saving money.  Lucky for us, we don’t need to lose weight, we don’t have a bucket list, however we would like to save money.


While we won’t bore you with our personal New Years Resolutions (not that we would share with you anyways!), there are “resolutions” or goals Liberty Hall would like to achieve.

So here are some resolutions for 2016 for Liberty Hall Museum:

  1. In 2015, we had 16,000 visitors.  We would like to double that…wishful thinking we know! So we would love 25,000 people to visit us!
  2. Having ALL of our events sell out!
  3. To have our membership grow to over 250 members.
  4. We would love to partner with local businesses in the community to support each other, cross promotion, and hopefully get new visitors.
  5. Something we would really like to work on this year are donors.  There are so many projects we would love to accomplish each year which are not always possible.  Establishing a donor list to help us be awesome in our events, tours, historic preservation and exhibits!

Cheers to you (and us) for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! Bring it 2016!



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