Way back Wednesday…January Weddings!

January brings us thoughts of cold weather, snow and hibernating. Not those darn Kean’s! They loved them some January Weddings!


While today, January weddings are not super common due to the unpredictability of the weather, the Kean family bucked to that tradition and chose it as their wedding month of choice.  Due to social norms, after Christmas everyone hibernated in New York until Spring (like bears!), so you knew everyone would be in town that you would want to invite to your wedding.  There were no excuses! The other funny thing about weddings during this time period is that many were held during the week. To quote the Dowager Countess, What is a weekend??


Because of the social calendars of upper class families, summers were spent in either Newport or Europe so having a wedding then would make no sense. No guests = no wedding presents.

Here are our blushing brides for January:

Lucy Halsted marries Colonel John Kean – January 13, 1847:  We know nothing about their wedding except that they were married on a Wednesday.

Lucinetta (Lucy) Halsted Kean

Katharine Winthrop marries Hamilton Fish Kean – January 12, 1888: They married at Grace Church in New York. The reception was at their family home on the corner of 20th & 5th Ave.

Katharine Winthrop Kean, January 12, 1888

Mary Alice Barney marries Captain John Kean – January 20, 1925: Her wedding was on a Tuesday in New York during a snowstorm! Their reception was held at the Barney household. They spend their first time as husband and wife at Liberty Hall before embarking on a 4 month honeymoon through the United States. The picture below is of them on the front steps of Liberty Hall, right before they left! Today would have been their 91st wedding anniversary!!!




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