Tuesday Newsday: 9 month honeymoons are all the rage!

Yes, you read that title correctly!

This weeks blog post commemorates the wedding anniversary & honeymoon trip of Christine Kean Griffin and Captain William Preston Griffin.  They were married on this day 167 years ago (February 9, 1849).  The couple married in New York and a week later left by steamship from Boston to England for the start of their honeymoon. What makes their honeymoon so interesting was that they traveled through Europe for 9 months and Christine kept a journal of the trip, which of course we have because the Keans are hoarders.   We thought we would share with you some journal entries!


This was their itinerary (to make life easy, we are using the country’s modern name): Boston -> England -> France -> Italy -> Switzerland -> Germany -> Austria -> Czechoslovakia -> Germany -> Netherlands -> Belgium -> London -> Scotland -> England -> France -> London -> New York

February 28th: Sick as I was, I was determined to go on deck.  Thanks to Capt. Douglas who held my clothes down & Mr. Griffin who held me up I was enabled to carry out my resolution.  The sun shone most brightly, the wind was blowing violently & the waves dashing over the upper deck.  I never saw anything so grand.

March 9th: Lissie Chandler drove with us to the Tower, we stood in the rooms where Sir Walter Raleigh passed 12 years of his life, saw the crown-jewels worth $15,000,000 – the crown alone valued at $5,000,000. The day was bright.  Regents and St James Parks looked most green and lovely and the zoological gardens were truly delightful.

April 19th: Drove to Tivoli, passing the Basilica of St. Lorenzo, the Anio, the tartakens, the tomb of the Plantian family and after driving through a forest of olives, reached the town of Tivoli at twelve and passed a most romantic and enchanting day admit most beautiful scenery. 

May 31st: We had a bright lovely day & our last view of Naples was the most beautiful.  The Sea was as smooth as a lake & I enjoyed the moonlight extremely. 

July 27th: Took an exquisite walk. 

August 3rd: Shopped all day – what lovely weather!

September 5th: Left at seven in the morning.  Part of the scenery, on the Elbe, through what is called Saxon Switzerland is very pretty.  We reached Dresden at nine.

October 17th: Bought a white bonnet. 

 November 3rd: Made visits & on the fourth went to the Oratoire. 

Two years after their honeymoon, Captain Griffin passed away.  Christine would go on to become a nurse on the battleships during the Civil War as part of the U.S. Sanitary Commission.  But more on that in a future blog post….think PBS’s new hit TV show, Mercy Street!



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