Way Back Wednesday: We’ve been really busy!

Frick and Frack here that can’t get their lives together or rather just keep forgetting to blog…because they can’t get their lives together.

frick and frack (1)

Over the past few weeks, we have been busy with various special events and activities at Liberty Hall Museum which has made getting together to blog difficult.  So we thought we would just highlight what has been going on so you can empathize with us.

  • Spring Fundraiser – Kentucky Derby style! We at Liberty Hall have decided to go forward with a spring fundraiser and we chose to base it on the 142 Kentucky Derby race.  Our event will be held on Saturday, May 7 from 3 – 7 pm on the grounds of Liberty Hall.  $125 per person (hint hint, buy your tickets!).  We have diligently sent out sponsorship/silent auction packets to our local community in hopes of some donations.  We have also been working with our advisory board for their support of the event.  Thus far, we have gotten 5 sponsorship and a handful of silent auction items ! We also got flowers donated for the event since after all, it is the “run for the roses” race! All proceeds from the event will go towards preservation projects at Liberty Hall Museum. So, ladies don’t forget your big hats, gents your bow ties, but most of all bring wages for betting and a chance to win a prize! Click here to purchase tickets to this awesome event: bit.ly/kyderbytix
  • Ladies Night Out: A Night of Vintage Fashion – On Friday, March 18 Liberty Hall held their 2nd Annual Ladies Night Out event.  This year, we dressed 6 mannequins with dresses from the collection.  Some dresses on display included a 1893 Charles Worth gown, 1956 Christian Dior gown, and a 1950s Henri Bendel cocktail dress.  We also incorporated a live fashion show and dressed a wonderful volunteer in proper undergarments for the 1860s: pantalettes, a combination, corset, petticoat and finally, a hoop skirt! There were also assorted accessories on display such as fans, shoes, purses and stockings.  We had a great evening and we hope our visitors had as much fun as we did!
  • Easter Egg Hunt – The title says it all! Liberty Hall Museum has been hosting an Easter Egg Hunt for over 10 years.  It is one of our most popular events and sells out every year! We offer 4 sessions: 10 am, Noon, 2 pm & 4 pm and at each session, we have 100 kids attend and the Easter Bunny hides over 1,000 eggs per session!
  • Farm Bell returns!– If you remember, a few blog posts ago we discussed that sometimes family items return to Liberty Hall.  One of those items was a farm bell that was located at Green Lane Farm (across the street from the house).  After many attempts to return the bell, we finally got it together! It was dropped off Monday. It is exciting to have it back home and can’t wait to see where we put it!bell

On Friday, April 1st Liberty Hall Museum opens for public tours again! It’s no April Fools joke! Come visit us and we’ll give you a high five! And a tour of the museum.


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