Tuesday Newsday: drinks anyone?

One of our biggest projects this past off season was to restore and reinterpret our wine cellar.  Due to water damage that had occurred,we have not been able to open the wine cellar for our tours for some time.  It was great to finally get this project started and completed! Fingers crossed the wine cellar will be open for tours this Monday, April 18th!

Some of the work included fixing up the walls, the wooden wine racks and repainting the floor.  We also stripped down the two shelving displays and added a restored armorie to display some of the liquor bottles, decanters, and some men’s smoking accessories.

When we had the opportunity to restore the wine cellar, it gave us a chance to literally go through bottle by bottle, demijohn by demijohn, to see what we have in the collection.  Not only did the Kean’s keep their liquor in the wine cellar (which by the way, is more than just wine), they kept some in a Dining Room closet as well as the attic.  Boy those Kean’s liked to drink!

Kean's drinking 2Kean's drinking

We picked some of our unique liquors or ones that were staff favorites to be part of the display in the wine cellar.  Staff also found liquor crates that were able to be restored and put on display for the first time with their matching liquor bottles.

We are excited for our visitors to see our new and improved wine cellar! Here’s a sneak peak! Thanks to LHM staffer Jeff Eckert for the great pictures!


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