Tuesday Newsday: Father’s Day!

This past Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day! And so we thought this week’s post should be on the fathers of Liberty Hall!

  • William Livingston (1723-1789): Dad of 13 children! William Livingston moved his family from New York to the countryside of Elizabethtown in which 3 of his daughters were not happy campers about it (lack of social life). He was elected New Jersey’s first governor and signed the United States Constitution. What a cool dad!
  • John Kean  (1755-1795): Only had one child,  Peter Kean.  John was appointed by President Washington as the First Cashier of the Bank of the United States. Can you say your dad got appointed a job by GW??
  • Peter Kean (1788-1821): Had 3 children that lived to adulthood.  His claim to frame to purchasing Liberty Hall in 1811 for his mother, Susan, putting it back in family hands.
  • Colonel John Kean (1814-1895): Father of 11 children, 9 of which lived to adulthood!
  • Hamilton Fish Kean (1862-1914): Had 2 sons.  He is the one who built Green Lane Farm and was known for breeding Guernsey cattle. Green Lane Farm is now Kean University.
  • Captain John Kean (1888-1949): Had 3 children – 2 sons and a daughter. He served in WWI (so keep that in mind for future blog post & upcoming exhibit!). Fun Fact! According to his letters from the war, he LOVED all the chocolate and cake that his parents would sent him overseas.

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