Tuesday Newsday! Dog days of Summer

With 30ish days until the unofficial end of summer (that’s depressing…), we wanted to reminisce about summer family fun.  In past blog posts, we’ve done Kean family summer vacation pictures before but we recently stumbled upon (and by stumbled upon, we mean someone rediscovering old family scrapbooks) some Barney family summer vacation pictures.  Quick family history lesson – the Barney’s are originally from Virginia and Mary Alice Barney married Captain John Kean in 1925.

Her father, J. Stewart Barney would rent a yacht (yes, you read that correIMG_0245IMG_0243IMG_0241IMG_0240IMG_0248IMG_0247IMG_0246IMG_0244IMG_0242IMG_0239IMG_0238IMG_0237IMG_0236ctly) every summer and the whole family would travel the Eastern seaboard  starting in new York with stops in Newport, RI, Bar Harbor, ME and ports in Virginia.  Here’s a few of our favorite photos of either vacation location or Mary Alice and family. We hope you like them as much as we did!




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