Now that we got you excited with our USA chant, we’re going to talk about 2 non-USA items from the collection at Liberty Hall Museum related to the Olympics!

We love the Olympics so we wanted to incorporate into our blog post this week.  Unfortunately, we don’t know if any of the Kean’s attended any of the games but we do have 2 items from the Olympics.

1. A postcard was sent to Mrs. Hamilton Fish Kean that has the picture of Olympian Towers of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The postcard does not have a note written on it but it has a stamp that is part of the Deutsche Reich Olympic Stamp series.  This is the Olympics where Jesse Owens won gold medals and Adolf Hitler opened the games.

2. A souvenir teddy bear, named Mishka from the 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow, Russia.  The 1980 Games were to be the first staged in Eastern Europe.  However in early 1980, President Carter announced that the United States would boycott the Games to protest the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan.  More than 60 nations joined the boycott.  Even so, Mishka became the first sports mascot to achieve large-scale commercial success in merchandise.  The Mishka bear was seen extensively during the opening and closing ceremonies – as the Games drew to a close, Mishka appeared to have a tear in his eye.  He was holding a couple of balloons and, at the end of the ceremony, he was released and flew away from the stadium and disappeared.  A few hours later, he landed on Sparrow Hills, a train station in Moscow, and later was exhibited at the Exhibition Centre.  Mishka reappeared, tears and all, in the closing ceremony of the 2014 Water Olympics held in Sochi, Russia.



We hope you enjoying watching the games as much as we are! See you next week!


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