#TBT: We’re going to party like it’s 1776!

This year makes the 240th anniversary of not only the signing of the Declaration of Independence but also the anniversary of William Livingston becoming New Jersey’s first elected governor.  Liberty Hall has decided to commemorate this very important date by throwing a colonial style celebration!


On August 31, which is the date in which Livingston was elected some 240 years ago, we are inviting everyone to come to Liberty Hall Museum and celebrate with us. We’ve done some further research into the election and will be incorporating the information (for example, he was originally tied with Richard Stockton…) in a fun way for our guests to enjoy! Some other activities guests can participate in are colonial dancing, crafts and games, testing their knowledge on colonial day to day items, and enjoy some colonial “style” refreshments. Guests will be able to “march” in the NJ Militia musket drill and sign loyalty oaths with a quill pen!

William Livingston is kind of a big deal in the area and we’re so excited to be able to throw this event in his honor! Huzzah!!


William Livingston Day is from 2 -4 p.m. and will be taking place in the beautiful back gardens of the property.  This event is also FREE and fun for all ages! 


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