Tuesday Newsday: Back to School Edition


With the beginning of school right around the corner, we wanted to introduce some exciting new educational programming! Along with our other two existing programs, we have created four new programs that showcase other aspects of our history at Liberty Hall Museum. All the school programs below start at $8 per student.

Houses & Homes

Houses and homes come in many different shapes and sizes. Where in the world do you live? What type of house do you live in? What is it made out of? The answers to these and many more questions provide the basis for an exploration of architecture around the world. Using Liberty Hall Museum as a springboard, your students will travel around the world to learn about the different types of structures that have been called home. We will explore building materials, how shapes come together to form buildings and how Liberty Hall grew from 14 to 50 rooms over the past 240 years. Morning and afternoon time slots available.  Recommended Grade Level: Pre K-2nd grade. Program Length: 90 minutes, may be extended with time for lunch/snack and a visit to our firehouse. Group Limit: Up to 50 Students.

Colonial Days

The life of a child is chock full of amazing things; games to play, chores to do, school to attend, and a whole world to explore. At Liberty Hall Museum, your students will step back in time and experience a day in the life of a child in the late 1700’s. How were the lives of children different? What games did they play? What was expected of them? What would they have encountered in their daily lives? Discover and delight in the similarities and differences of a child’s life in the 18th century. Morning and afternoon time slots are available. Recommended Grade Level: Pre K-2nd Grade. Program Length: 90 minutes. May be extended with time for lunch/snack and a visit to our fire house. Group Limit: Up to 50 Students. Optional hands-on activity: painting a wooden top is optional and requires an additional $2.00 fee.

The Road to Revolution

Middle School students will trace the road to revolution from the first stirrings of discontent with the authority of Parliament to the birth of the nation. Using primary source documents and original artifacts to explore the geographic, economic and political factors that led to the Revolution and helped to shape the republic, students will gain a unique perspective. Your students will walk the same floorboards walked by George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and our first governor, William Livingston along with many other luminaries of the Revolutionary Period. In this setting, students will experience history in a way that reaches far beyond text book pages and leaves a lasting impression. Morning and afternoon time slots are available. Recommended Grade Level: Middle School. Program Length: 2 hours. Group Limit: Up to 100 Students

The Historian’s Apprentice

Students will step into the role of historian and have the opportunity to study and transcribe primary source documents, learn how to take an oral history and observe best practices for the preservation and handling of historical materials. Students will discover how historians and curators tell the story of previous generations through letters, documents and artifacts. After participating in an exhibit workshop, students will work collaboratively to create a museum quality display of artifacts. In addition, campus tours of Kean University can be arranged to coincide with your Liberty Hall Museum field trip. Morning and afternoon time slots are available. Recommended Grade Level: High School. Program Length: 2 hours, additional time is needed if college tour is added. Group Limit: Up to 75 Students

We also want to share a special program just for home schoolers!  Join us on Tuesday, September 27 from 10 am – 2 pm for Home School Day! Museum educators dressed in period clothing will guide students on a trip back in time to learn about the five generations of children who lived at Liberty Hall.  Students will explore what a child’s life was like during these periods: the 1780’s (American Revolution), the 1820’s (New Nation), the 1860’s (Civil War), the 1900’s (Industrial Revolution), the 1940’s (World War II).  In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in an array of hands-on activates including quill writing, making marbles and colonial era lawn games.  Weather and nature cooperating, students will also be invited to pick an apple from our orchard! Program Fee: $15 per student, $10 for adults; includes all programming and materials. Reservations required by September 13, space is limited. Liberty Hall has an outdoor picnic area (weather permitting) and an indoor lunchroom.  Please bring a bagged lunch as we do not offer food service facilities. 

For more information on any of these school programs, please contact Maryellen McVeigh, Coordinator of School Programs at marymcv@kean.edu


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