#TBT: Madeira, Sherry & Port, oh my!

Last Thursday, October 6, Liberty Hall Museum and our friends at GoElizabethNJ hosted the Consul General of Portugal and members of the Portuguese community at a grand cocktail reception to unveil the wine cellar at Liberty Hall Museum! We put together a small display of Madeira, Sherry and Port bottles from Portugal.

If you recall from a previous blog post we had done some work in the wine cellar this past winter and were able to unveil the restored wine cellar. We were never able to do a proper inventory of the wine cellar until we restored it. The wine collection includes over 600 bottles and 40 demijohns.

After the restoration we were able to research the bottles more thoroughly and found many of them are from Portugal.   One of the bottles is a Lenox Madeira dated to 1796! Thanks to our close relationship with the Elizabeth Destination Marketing Organization and their ties to the Portuguese community in the city of Elizabeth, we were invited to display this bottle at a 4th of July event.  This in turn became a bigger event which was held last week at Liberty Hall.

We are so excited that we have been able to make this connection with the Portuguese community! If you’re interested in seeing our restored wine cellar, come for a tour Monday – Saturday between 10 am. and 3 pm!

Here are a few photos from the event:


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