#MCM: President Theodore Roosevelt

This past Saturday we held a Presidential Luncheon in which our guest of honor was President Theodore Roosevelt.  Guests were treated to a buffet style luncheon of fried chicken, mac and cheese, peas & potatoes which are some of President Roosevelt’s favorite foods! He spoke about his childhood, his years as a “Rough Rider” and his Presidency. One of his biggest accomplishments was the National Park System which is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year!

We were so excited to have President Roosevelt attend as he is a distant relative through marriage to the Kean family! Christine Kean married W. Emlen Roosevelt in 1883 at Liberty Hall (in which it down poured and everyone squeezed into the house).  The Kean and Roosevelt families were close friends, in fact Theodore was a frequent visitor to both Liberty Hall and their house at 157 2nd Ave, New York City.

There was a display that was put together for the Presidential Luncheon which featured letters, books and invitations from President Roosevelt to various Kean family members. Here’s a peak of the items below:




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