Tuesday Newsday: Schools out!

Now that we have fully recovered from 5 weeks of daily school trips, we wanted to share with you a few fun anecdotes from some of the kids that visited Liberty Hall Museum.  We had 3,135 kids come this school year!


As we probably have mentioned, we have two main school programs: Crown to Country and Changing Childhood.  Below are just some of our favorites:

There’s two staff members, John & Dan, who both have red curly longish hair with beards. If you remembered from a blog post from last year, the kids sometime think John looks like Jesus.  While we don’t think they look anything alike, to many school kids, they do and are often asked if they are brothers or if their hair is real.

Thanks to Harry Potter’s popularity, the kids recognize a quill pen and ink from the books and movies.  So thanks J.K. Rowling for making the 1860’s a little easier to teach!


For both programs, colonial games is one of the activities in which many kids are skeptical of how fun these games could really be for the Colonial time period.  It’s fun & exciting when the kids really get into them and make comments like “This is so much fun! I don’t need technology!” (her teacher recorded her saying that as proof!)

For the 1940’s in our Changing Childhood program, we should the kids the classic rotary telephone! You remember those, don’t you? The kids become very confused of how the phone works – how to dial, how to hang up and what do you mean you can’t walk around while on the phone? Or ask Siri to dial for you?